D.O.B – 30/12/2022

Sex – Female

Breed – German Shepherd cross

Status – In foster home

Chipped – Yes

Spayed / Neutered – Yes

Vaccinated – Yes

Flower is good with cats
She weighs: 25.5kg 
Flower was born in a truck yard she is from a litter of 10 puppies, we were asked to take her on as she kept crossing a busy road and would have got run over. She has been in our care since July 2023, she has some typical traits of a street dog like being very food orientated but she is very cuddly, loving and outgoing. 
She loves to play with other dogs and really enjoys her walks.
We were told she was hit by a truck at 4 months old and broke her knee she didn’t receive medical treatment so the knee healed on it’s own, her knee isn’t perfect but she has no pain and runs around on it with no problems.
We decided to put her on a raw food diet to help her leg as much as we can as we think she will suffer from some arthritis in later life so we want to give her the best start. She is really blossoming on the food her black coat is so shiny and she’s now perfect weight.
We hope someone will accept her with her faults and love her dearly.