Why we need foster families

Often when we have dogs come to us they are puppies that have been abandoned by their owners at just days old, such as in the case of the group you see here who were just 2 days old when they were found, eyes not even open yet.

Had they not been rescued they would certainly have died, they were bottle fed and kept warm and they became healthy strong puppies ready to move on to their forever homes.

Some rescues rely on kennels to support them but we here at The Under Dog much prefer our dogs start life in a real home with a fosterer.

This means that in those most formative years they are meeting new people, learning that going to the loo outside is the right way, visiting cafes and beaches and shops and seeing other dogs, cars, people… all of these things are so very crucial at this young age and mean that when a puppy leaves our care they are perfectly set up for life in their forever homes.

If it is an older dog then we don’t believe they deserve, after years of being in a loving home, to be in kennels… we want them to carry on in a loving home, even a temporary one, it’s the least we can do for them.

Can you help?

We are building a network of foster carers and welcome you registering your interest in becoming a fosterer for The Under Dog, also letting us know your preferences such as puppies, older dogs, smaller dogs and also if you have lots of land and it’s fenced for the more energetic breeds.

Your support is what makes what we do possible!