Sex – Male

Breed – Mastin cross

Status – In foster home

Chipped – Yes

Spayed / Neutered – No

Vaccinated – Yes

Peace is very active and playful, he loves to play rough with Priah the Staffie.
He is very food driven and goofy and hasn’t really matured yet. Peace isn’t the brightest dog but is very loyal and is brilliant at the commands sit, lie down, paw and is excellent at wait before he has his breakfast.
He loves going on walks but needs to learn to not pull on the lead he is very strong.
Peace is good with other dogs and is in a foster home with many. He is a very loving, friendly, enthusiastic boy that adores his cuddles. 
He will be neutered in May when he turns 18 months as he’s a big dog
Also he isn’t good with cats he gets too enthusiastic h